Artist Lodge FAQ

  1. If I apply, am I automatically accepted as a vendor?

– No. The application to vend is simply so we can add you and your information to a list so that we can hand pick artists that we feel will fit in best with our events. Should you be chosen as a vendor, you will be directly contacted and your application will become your vendor contract.

2. Can I join the gallery and be a vendor?
– Yes! If you’re accepted as a vendor, you’re welcome to participate in the gallery as long as you sign up and are accepted within the gallery deadlines. The application to be a gallery artist is separate from the vending application. You must contact The Artist Lodge to request the gallery application. Watch our Instagram and Facebook page for upcoming gallery announcements and open artist calls.

3. If I sign up for the gallery, am I automatically accepted as a vendor?
– No. If you sign up and are accepted for the gallery, you will only be participating in the gallery. You will not be provided a table to sell anything outside of the artwork submitted to the gallery.

4. Does Fan*Alley take a percentage of the sales?
– Vendors pay an entry fee that reserves their space (and a table if necessary), but other than that you keep everything you make at the events.
– Gallery artists pay an entry fee, and the gallery keeps a 30% commission of sales that occur in the gallery that evening.

5. How much does it cost to be a vendor?
– Our indoor 6×6′ spaces (not including a table or table linens) are $20. You may rent a table from us for an additional $10. Table rentals are limited, and are available on a first come, first serve basis. We no longer have a 10×10′ outdoor option.

6. Does it make a difference if I’m an Art Institute Student or alum?
– At our previous venue, the Art Institute, students and alumnus of AI had the opportunity to participate in our events for free. Because we are no longer using the Art Institute as a venue, we are no longer waiving table fees for these participants. AI students and alumnus are still more than welcome to participate in our shows, but they must apply and be selected for a $20 vendor spot like the rest of the participating artists.

7. Can I share a table with a friend?
– Yes! Vendors can share with one other person. All participants must fill out the application and be individually accepted into the show.

8. What do I need to vend?
– Unless you are renting a table, you will need to bring a 6 foot (or smaller) table and your table linens. All vending spots are situated indoors, so you don’t need to worry about lighting. The Artist Lodge will provide you with two chairs to use. We also recommend that you bring card readers, an extra battery pack for your phone (access to electricity is not guaranteed), enough cash to make change for the duration of the event (there is not an ATM on site), and business cards.
– Starting in 2019, The Artist Lodge will no longer be renting tables for artists. We highly recommend that you invest in your own table. While most large conventions will supply a table for you, most other small art fairs or pop-up events will not and will not offer rentals. Your table must be 6’ or smaller at its widest length. Folding tables are a one-time investment, and you can use them over and over again at events, and even in your every-day life. The two below are our recommendations for those concerned about space because the tables fold in half and have a carry handle.
– We recommend one of the following tables: 6-foot or 4-foot.

9. Do I need a card reader to vend?
– We can’t force you to take cards at your booth, but we highly recommend that you have a card reader of some sort. More payment options mean more sales, and one of the most asked questions from customers is “do you take card.”

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10. Do I need a business permit to vend?
– Legally, you will need a permit to sell your work. Fan*Alley does not check that you have a seller’s permit, but as an artist trying to professionally sell their work (and we do run our events as professionally as we can), we highly recommend that you have a permit. Should you choose to move on from the Artist Lodge to bigger events like conventions or craft fairs, you will be required to have a permit and you will be required to provide your permit number on your applications.

11. What kind of work sells?
– There is no possible way for us to tell you what can sell. It all depends on your style, your talent, your technique, your subject, and your audience. I guarantee that if you create something you love, there will be somebody out there somewhere that also loves it. Create art for you, don’t just create art because you think it will sell.
– Fan art is obviously popular, but it must be created by YOU and in your own style. Anybody found to be directly copying or stealing work from another creator will be asked to leave without a refund, and blacklisted from any future Fan*Alley events.
– All of our events are family friendly, and your art needs to also be family-friendly. If you have some artwork that is rated 18+ you can bring it and keep it in a box out of reach of younger attendees. If all of your work is rated 18+ or contains graphic sexual or violent imagery, we unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate you as a vendor.

12. I filled out the form online, why haven’t I been selected as a vendor yet?
– We use the form online to hand-pick the artists that we feel will be the best fit for each show we put on. We generally use our first two shows of the year to include (and rotate through) as many of our artists as we can, and we specifically use our last two shows of the year to include artists that have a specialized style that lends to the theme of the shows (Halloween and Holiday).
– The number one reason you likely have no been selected for a show yet is because we have an overwhelming number of applicants and limited space. However, there are other possible reasons, such as those listed below:

– We want to rotate the artists and the artist has participated before
– We wish to set a standard and the artwork or presented portfolio of work may not be strong enough
– Artwork does not fit the theme of the show
– There were problems with artist application, such as it was submitted incorrectly, contained broken links, or did not have a link to a portfolio

13. What is a featured artist and how can I become one?
– This is a brand new option we’re bringing to the Artist Lodge. For the 2018-2019 Artist Lodge season we will only be having one featured artist a year to test it out and refine the option, but we hope to make it something that we have at each show starting in 2020.
– A featured artist is a creative person that we choose (from an application, which is still in the process of being put together) that will have the opportunity to have a solo gallery and a larger vendor space at an Artist Lodge event. For a flat fee that artist will be set up with a 10×10′ corner table space in the vending room to sell their work, and they will be given walls on which they can display a solo gallery show. The featured artist will also be included on all promotions created by The Artist Lodge to advertise the show.
– The Artist Lodge will not take a commission from the featured artist’s gallery sales, and the artist will be responsible for creating their work, setting up their gallery and table area, hanging all of their work with proper labels, and handling all of their own sales over the course of the night.